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Hey! You’re probably here wondering just who the hell Juxta Nomad is. Well this probably won’t answer that for you but at least it’ll be long-winded, vague, and mildly confusing...So you know how when a band breaks up, someone always goes off and desperately starts a solo career? Well this is kind of like that except Juxta has exactly zero musical talent and would have been kicked out of a band on principle alone, but he’s pretty okay at brewing beer. Problem is, due to extenuating circumstances, he no longer has a brewery to flex his glistening creative muscles in. Recently unemployed and extremely bored, he hatched up this flawless plan to annoy the living sh*t out of his friends in the brewing industry until they finally let him play in their respective sandboxes. The mission? Explore, brew beer, stay broke, be happy.

When one door closes, knock down a thousand more.

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Ever revolving, always evolving. Check back for new beers!

GCT at AB.jpg


14.8% ABV

Brutal Imperial stout aged in Bourbon Barrels with caramel added. Hits harder than Grandma when she catches you sneaking her hard candies.

Currently all sold out til early 2023!



5.5% ABV

595 Craft and Kitchen's new year-round house beer! A SouthEast Asian influenced ale made with three types of rice, Pilsner malt, and Mandarina Bavaria hops for a light citrusy nose. Ask their knowledgeable bartenders for beer pairing ideas and keep an eye out for rotating variations!

An Astronomy Aleworks/Juxta production. On tap only at 595 Craft and Kitchen

Current variations:

Ube-Wan Shinobi, Pandan-Monium



4.8% ABV

No pressure or anything, but when Latino owned and operated SerVehZah Bottle Shop and Taproom asks you to make them a Mexican Lager, you try your hardest to make an authentic representation. Juxta and the güeros at Astronomy Aleworks got together and made this light, easy drinking patio pounder and were later told that we don't completely suck! Pairs absurdly well with their housemade Michelada mix!

Get it now at SerVehZah in the Arts District and look for it in cans July 2022!

Spun IG.jpg


16.1% ABV

A collaboration between two handsome bald guys, who both happen to have GABF medals in the chocolate beer category!

This Spumoni inspired pastry stout is just as layered as the classic Neapolitan-style Italian gelato, with flavors derived from black cherry puree, toasted pistachios, and real unfinished chocolate.

Sold Out! Will be back someday soon

Coconut trays.heic


14.8% ABV

The Baby's back! Only....Bigger.

Much bigger. 

Using the same monstrous barrel-aged base as GCT, we added an uncomfortably expensive amount of house-toasted coconut, cacao nibs, pecans, and a touch of vanilla.

The end result is a German Chocolate Cake stout that's so chewy and decadent, it can barely be considered a liquid. Don't skip dessert! This one won't last long.

If you missed it the first time around, look for a second wave coming Dec. 2023!



5.2% ABV

Able Baker and Juxta bringin' it back to the old school! REALLY old school, like 11th century Bamberg old, around when Matt Marino (Head Brewer of Able) was just a wee little tike. More than 50% of the malted barley in this classic dark lager was smoked over beechwood for an unmistakably clean smoke character, and mellowed by a balanced grist of melanoidin-rich base malts and just a touch of roast.

Gmas ig.JPG

(Pre-barrel Grandma's Candy Tray)

Don't let this one fool you. Under all the rich caramel flavor and creamy body lies a beast in disguise. Feels like you're back at Grandma's...only this time Grandma happens to be a big bad wolf.

Draft AND Can Release at Astronomy Aleworks 12/23/2022!

15.2% ABV


Bin taps.jpg

Crisp and clean Blonde Ale made exclusively for Bin702 and 18Bin in Downtown Las Vegas.

Notes of citrus-forward Cascade hops throughout, balanced by a bready malt backbone. Dry and light-bodied for maximum crushability!

Get it on draft now, only at Bin702 on Fremont and 18Bin in the Arts District


5% ABV



17.6% ABV

 Top Shelf/Astronomy Aleworks Red Velvet Pastry Stout collab:

Velvet Knuckles is back after a 6 month rest in a single Barton 1792 Bourbon barrel!

Just like the OG, but with a couple extra layered flavors of Bourbon and charred oak with a dangerously smooth finish.

Available NOW at the growler station at Top Shelf Ft Apache

Pie Fight space.PNG


14% ABV

Banana-Coconut Cream pastry stout made in collaboration with Astronomy Aleworks AND Beer Zombies.

This is one pie to the face you really won't mind one bit!

On shelves NOW at Beer Zombies and Astronomy, as well as on draft at select locations.

Paina label_edited.jpg


4.5% ABV

The FIRST in a line of cocktail-inspired beers made EXCLUSIVELY for Red Dwarf!

In true Tiki fashion, we did not hold back on flavor, but we did choose to keep the ABV nice and low for those Summertime sessions.

*Collaboration with Astronomy Aleworks, but don't let that stop you!

Available on draft AND cans at Red Dwarf and Astronomy Aleworks!



7% ABV

 We took a heady, dank, hop-salad of a WCIPA already filled with Citra and Mosaic hops, then amplified the aroma times a thousand with the help of the “Gasolina” terpene blend provided by our friends at City Trees Cannabis. The end result is like...wait….what was I talking about again?

10/27 release at Astronomy Aleworks!

**Contains no THC, CBD, or medicinal properties of any kind**



Cinnamon Roll Pastry Stout, complete with cream-cheese icing! Tastes like warm memories of shopping mall food courts and sweet, delicious calories. 15.2% ABV. Releases 1/21/23 at Red Dwarf

Full Irish Breakfast

Coffee and Irish Cream Pastry Stout collab with Dark Moon Coffee and Astronomy Aleworks. Not saying you SHOULD drink this heavy hitter first thing in the morning, but you certainly could! We won't tell. March 2023, just in time for St. Paddy's

Peach Praline a la Mode

Light in color, but pastry to it's core, this Double Cream Ale collab with Hudl Brewing is sure to confuse and satisfy your palate all at once! Unleashed on the world in April 2023!

BBA Mixed Media

Bourbon Barrel-Aged amalgamation of 5 variations of heavily-adjuncted  stouts from the 2021/22 Winter Season.

Also affectionately called "Grandma's Dirty Blue Velvet Pie".  February 2023

Uptown Funk-You-Up

Barrel-Aged Wild Ale aged on a bed of Brettanomyces and various lactic acid bacteria that I've yet to decide exactly what to do with! Look for it sometime 2023!

Brandy BA Pie Fighter

Brandy Barrel-Aged banana coconut cream stout collab with Beer Zombies and Astronomy Aleworks. Think coconut cream pie covered in Bananas Foster.

Winter 2023

BBA Velvet Knuckles

 Top Shelf/Astronomy Aleworks collab: Velvet Knuckles is back after a 6 month rest in a single Barton 1792 Bourbon barrel!

Available on draft at Astronomy Aleworks 10/20/22, as well as the growler station at Top Shelf Ft Apache

Live dangerously, just don’t drive.

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